I'm robo! I wanted a cute site to store my writing and other odds and ends, for a lot of reasons you can read about here if you're curious. Much of my fanfic is 18+, but the rest of the site is SFW.

I plan to expand the title generator(s) and prompts sections especially to provide more resources for my fellow fic writers! Otherwise, who knows what else I'll add? I'm just kind of messing around here. As such, the site will be sort of perpetually under construction, but hopefully soon I'll get into a rhythm and you'll know better what to expect.

Have a look around!


  • 3/18/2024: Fixed mobile accessibility (hopefully)
  • 3/17/2024: Added fic index page, uploaded first fanfic, and made customizable font/background settings for fic pages.
  • Figure out mobile accessibility
  • Make more alt themes! Including: Aerti, Siuan, Yellowjackets, Y2k hysteria (red, white/gold, yellow, garbage/chaos)
  • Get a guestbook
  • Add my fanfic

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